Cellulite treatment for problematic areas

This lower body treatment concentrates on cellulite-prone areas (legs, buttocks, stomach). The aim of the treatment is to improve skin structure, reduce cellulite and fatty tissues, accelerate metabolism and lymphatic circulation, to reduce your overall body measurements. The procedure begins with dry exfoliation of your lower body with a special exfoliating glove. After this, a warm anti-cellulite mask with a brown seaweed is applied. Brown seaweed is well-known for its slimming, excess fluid removing and detox action. It also contains large amounts of minerals and vitamins that tone the skin and stimulate its metabolism. In order to increase the warming effect, body is wrapped in plastic, and a warming mattress is switched on. At the end of the procedure, a firming body lotion is applied to the skin and an anti-cellulite gel to problematic areas

price 63.00 € [60min]


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