Healing magnesium oil massage 60 min.

A full body massage that improves blood circulation and facilitates metabolism. Its effect on the skin, the tissues under the skin and the muscles is, depending on techniques used, either relaxing or tonus-enhancing. It is used in cases of muscle strain, sleep disorders, and also to relieve stress. At the end of the procedure, magnesium oil is applied to the skin. Magnesium is a source of health and vigour that is absorbed by the body in the quickest way if it goes through the skin directly into the cells where it is most needed. Magnesium oil after massage has an anti-cellulite effect, it prevents lymphostasis in the tissues, restores the elasticity and healthy look of the skin. It is a very good aid for joint pains and helps muscles to relax. Prevents skin sagging and helps to prevent the formation of stretch marks. When losing weight, it enhances quick tightening of the skin. Magnesium oil has a warming effect that provides energy and a good feeling for the whole day. We are waiting for you in the beauty center on the 2nd floor of Tallinn Viimsi SPA
If necessary, consult a doctor beforehand.

price: 53.00 € [60min]


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