ILU Hawaii „Lomi – Lomi“ massage 90 min

The Hawaiian massage “Lomi-Lomi” is one of the oldest massage techniques, originating centuries ago from the Polynesian islands. Translated from Hawaiian, “Lomi-Lomi” means “the touch of a velvet paw,” where the practitioner uses smooth massage movements. This relaxing and sacred massage is performed on the entire body. On an emotional and energetic level, the massage contributes to the healing of metabolic processes, improves breathing rhythm, and releases the body from blockages. Lomi-Lomi massage is also known for its magical touch. After the session, you will feel an unprecedented surge of energy, and your body and soul will find true harmony with each other.

Treat yourself to a sensual Lomi-Lomi massage!

 Please visit us at Viimsi Beauty and Health Centre, Viimsi SPA II floor.

Price: 73.00 €


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