SPA18+ Thai massage 60min

The Thai massage technique consists of stretching exercises similar to yoga. During the course of the massage, the body’s energy lines, which, according to Chinese medicine, pass through the entire human body, are thoroughly worked on and used. The masseuse treats certain points of the body with acupressure, which helps to ensure the free flow of energy on the body’s energy meridians. This massage allows the body to get rid of excess fluid, toxins, normalize blood and lymph circulation. Genuine Thai massage is used to soothe muscles, joints and headaches, increase joint mobility, increase muscle tone, and treat stress and insomnia. The massage strengthens the nervous system, cleanses the body, and is ideal for balancing the work of all internal organs. During the traditional Thai massage, the client wears comfortable and loose fitting clothes, with only the soles of the feet being bare. The massage is performed on a special mat floor.

price: 57.00 € 


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